Since 1936 America has prohibited plant breeders from crossbreeding various plant species found within Genus Cannabis; meanwhile, Europe has made enormous advances in researching Cannabis for industrial material purposes, resulting in the development of new hemp strains with desirable characteristics.

Our goal at Hemp Seed Warehouse is to source the finest quality hemp seed strains throughout Europe and make them available to farmers across America.

Hemp Seed Warehouse is the premium location to find the purest genetics of European hemp seed strains that can be used in a variety of climates and soils, and for a range of purposes, including: pulp & paper, construction materials, bio-composites, textile fiber, food & feed and pharmaceuticals.

All seeds in our catalog follow strict American, European Union and Canadian industrial hemp laws with precise restrictions regarding THC content.

Hemp Seed Warehouse only supplies seeds with THC levels of .3% or below.

We source seeds from:

France, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Romania

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